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​The 2010 Sundance documentary "Climate Refugees" by Michael P. Nash has recently received a profoundly prestigious invitation: to be included in an arts and humanity time capsule destined for the moon. This distinguished Lunaprise time capsule, featuring only one documentary film among 222 masterpieces by luminaries like Van Gogh, Picasso, Michael Jackson, Stan Lee, and other revered artists spanning eras, will find its resting place on the lunar surface, potentially enduring for millions of years. In essence, it serves as a future relic akin to ancient cave drawings, a testament to the human saga on Earth. The entire Climate Refugees film team is deeply honored to be part of this extraordinary odyssey.

Climate Refugees is a documentary that was 3 years in the making and covered 48 countries.  The multi-award winning 2010 Sundance film has screened around the world illuminating the human face of climatic change to global citizens, governments, churches, The US Senate and House, Pentagon, The Vatican, International governments, DAVOS, Harvard University, Oxford, MIT, Stanford. (full list available on request)

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Climate Refugees Documentary Film

Climate Refugees Headed To The Moon

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